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Call out services

We offer call out services for generator breakdowns, both nationally and internationally. We diagnose the root causes of the breakdowns, provide a quote for repairs and if requested an assessment of your maintenance programs as well as the general competency of your generator technicians.  To eliminate further breakdowns we provide onsite training for your technicians with certification and a revised maintenance plan if requested.

A&C Generators

Refurbishments or rebuilds

In cases where the cost vs. benefit analysis proves that refurbishment of your generators is a viable option, we provide a quote for a rebuild. Refurbishments are usually done at our factory in Pretoria but we also do refurbishments of generators on site especially where your site is located in isolated parts of Africa. We provide 6 months or 500 hours guaranteed. 

A&C Generators
A&C Generators

Transport, installation & testing

We provide transport as well as the installation of the units at your request. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure your full generator solution is satisfactory. We take ownership of the project from your order until your generator is up and running on site.

We test your generator at our factory as well as after installation and provide a guarantee in line with our engine and alternator providers.

Maintenance and training

We provide maintenance after installation by means of an SLA (service level agreement) at your request.

We propose and agree on a maintenance plan and train your technicians including certification on site, or at our factory in Pretoria.

We also provide maintenance services for your other generators at your request.

Where your company is located in remote areas in Africa we also provide onsite certified and experienced, full time, expatriate technicians on a contractual basis.

For large multinationals, we offer consolidated standardization of your generators, maintenance and training solutions with detailed management reporting, planning and forecasting consolidated with drill down to the country, region, site and per generator with extensive business intelligence software.

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